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My story

Well let’s get this going grew up on a small farm worked on and off for other farmers small time ,dad had a Machine shop spent lots of time there ,but always dreamed of being a Trucker,well finally got my wish and was it a big surprise but stayed with it for bout 10 years hauled all kinds of stuff,then the anexity and panic issues kicked back in mind you this crap started when I was 15 ,I was in late 20s and all hell broke loose I self medicated beer and pills was my choice ,don’t recommend that at all then I spent 12 days in hospital with pancreatitis and a year later diabetes ,and more problems with driving no more long distance for me only in state, but got me to quit drinking been mostly dry since 18 yrs,got out of seat and into of all things computers never took a class for anything I know expect truck driving school ,and stayed with that and am still play with it a little ,last August had breakdown and well its been a long fucked up mess since then trying for disability and that is a fuckin nightmare and add in trying to find a Dr that will treat me and stick with it is a lot harder than you would think,. Love the Vets past ,Present and Future, hate our fuckin Government with a passion, still will help anybody who is or has been dealing with depression, anexity and panic attacks always try to educate the public on Mental health ,and will always put others before myself, yeah I know I should be first but I know that there are people out there that need help and if I can’t find the answer I’ll find someone who knows .Peace and love to my followers and I’ll keep on TRUCKIN ,its bout all I can do.

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